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UK: Dr Michael Mew

Clinician and Lecturer

Lecturer and lead clinician at the London School of Facial Orthotropics, Dr Mew lectures and teaches extensively around the world. His personal interest is in the growth and correct development of the face, and to identify the factors that influence it. 

Dr Mew has put forward the concept of Craniofacial Dystrophy to explain the cause of crooked teeth, sleep apnoea, snoring and TMD – suggesting that they are all symptoms of a single underlying problem.  Dr Mew is focused on advancing the orthotropics approach to achieve significant morphing of the craniofacial skeleton to improve dental and general health.  He is reputed to be currently achieving the best changes in facial form amongst growing children and non-growing adolescents, and hopes to attain similar success in non-growing adults.

He feels that simple public health measures could be undertaken to minimize or eliminate these problems in growing children.  He is passionate around raising debate on the issues and working towards a cure for malocclusion, OAS and even Craniofacial Dystrophy.  He is literally changing the faces of the modern world. 


UK: Gill Rapley


Owner of London-based Rapley Weaning. Author of Baby-led Weaning (BLW).

Dr. Rapley has over 35 years’ experience in the field of infant feeding, as health visitor, midwife, breastfeeding counsellor, lecturer, writer and researcher. She is known internationally as the pioneer of the approach to complementary (solid) feeding known as Baby-led Weaning, which she developed as part of her master’s degree and pursued for her PhD. Gill is the co-author of five books on infant feeding and parenting and the author of a number of professional and academic articles.

Baby-led Weaning (BLW)
Baby-led weaning is an approach to the introduction of solid foods (or ‘complementary feeding’) that allows the baby to control the process. As a participant in family mealtimes from around six months of age, it’s the baby who decides when he or she will have their first taste of solid food, and how quickly family foods will replace milk feeds. Crucially, all foods are offered as pieces for the baby to pick up, bite and chew; there is no spoon feeding and no purees. Baby-led weaning is often referred to as a new concept but the practice of introducing solid foods this way is probably as old as humankind. As we will see, denying babies this early opportunity to handle food and to chew, has potential implications for facial growth, as well as for the development of speech, fine motor skills, appetite control, nutrition, autonomy, and a long-term healthy relationship with food.




General dentist specializing in airway dentistry.

Dittmar graduated in 1982 at the University of Stellenbosch Dental School, South Africa. Since 1984 he has been running his own private practice in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape Province, SA.

He travels abroad extensively and studies Sleep and Breathing Disorders (since 2007) and lectures internationally in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and Snoring (since 2012). His practice specializes in adult Dento-Facial Orthopaedics (DFO), Orthodontics and TMD associated with Bruxism, Snoring and OSA, and Early Intervention Face Growth Guidance (FGG) in children associated with Bruxism, Snoring and Paediatric OSA.

He serves as Dental Consultant for MySleep, South Africa and collaborates with Dr Isabella Fini Storchi, ENT, in association with the University of Genoa Medical School and Dr Marius Mögthader, a general dentist in Oppenheim, Germany to explore, research and refine protocols for the use of the Elexxion Claros Snore3 Diode Laser in treating OSA and Snoring in adults.

Post graduate qualifications include PGD Oral Med (Stell – 1996); PGD Dental Implantology (Univ Western Cape – 2006); Post graduate certification in Orthopaedics and Orthodontics (Triple O_USA-2010); International Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine (ACSDD_USA – 2013).

He is presently engaged in a MS degree in Behavioral Sciences (Graduate School of Behavioral Sciences_USA – Prof Peter Litchfield).


US: Dr Steven Olmos

Lecturer and Researcher

An internationally recognized lecturer and researcher and the founder of the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centres International. Dedicated to the research and treatment of craniofacial pain, temporomandibular disorder (TMD) and sleep-disordered breathing.


US: Dr Krista Burns

Chiropractic doctor

Co-founder of the American Posture Institute, she has made it her life’s work to help others learn every detail about posture and how to become posture experts in their communities. Postural neurology – posture, airways and neurology.

Ireland: Patrick McKeown

Functional Breathing Trainer
For the past 17 years, functional breathing educator and author Patrick McKeown has taught children and adults simple and effective ways to adopt functional breathing patterns. Author of seven books including ‘The Oxygen Advantage’, and international speaker- McKeown integrates functional breathing with the four phenotypes of sleep apnoea. A TEDx speaker, his work has touched the lives of thousands and more worldwide. Journal publications include the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

US: Dr Neale Lange

Clinical Professor of Medicine and Sleep Consultant

Dr Lange, South African born with a degree from Wits University in Johannesburg, now residing in US, trained in pulmonary diseases, critical care and sleep medicine at Washington University in St Louis. Now affiliated as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine since 2003 with the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

US: Roger L Price

Respiratory Physiologist and Integrative Health Consultant

More than 20 years ago, Roger Price coined the term BREATHING DISORDERED SLEEP. He did this because the commonly used term, SDB – SLEEP DISORDERED BREATHING – made no sense to him at all. The fact was that it had created a multi-billion dollar industry in intrusive machines and devices, worn at night only, and this addressed the symptoms on a very short term basis.


Munich: DR Karl Haushofer


Haushofer’s practice in Munich specializes in dental-sleep-medical treatment: splints against snoring and nocturnal breathing pauses.

Cape Town: Hannes Kruger

Co-founder of SleepFit™ (Pty) Ltd
After graduating with Master’s Degree in Psychology (2000), Hannes Kruger developed a career as digital health entrepreneur focusing on innovative population based, profiling & behavior change solutions. Through building innovative and disruptive digital solutions like vitualwellness®, mysupport, EHWP and working with brands like SleepImage®, Withings, iHealth® and Misfit™, Hannes contributed to larger systemic changes in delivering risk & outcome based solutions within behavioural economics for insurers and employers. Hannes is the co-founder of SleepFit™ (Pty) Ltd and since its inception in 2015, has focussed on democratizing sleep through Cardiopulmonary Coupling (CPC) that enables large scale, clinical grade population sleep health management, by making sleep medicine more accessible, affordable and allows for high quality clinical management. SleepFit™ is the proud partners of SleepImage®.