Venue & Date for 2021-2022 event to be confirmed



“Thanks for a dream conference!”  Dr Lance Videtzky

“It was a lovely conference. Congratulations on the great turn out! It was a great crowed and the speakers were very interesting.”
Sally Maudslay – First Asset Finance (stall holder)

I enjoyed the Total Health Conference tremendously. Was very informative and enlighting!
Cecille van Gent – Clinical Technologist – Pulmonology ConMed

“The Total Health Conference was certainly very informative. Absolutely amazing, and beyond expectation! And yes absolutely, I found the speaker topics of value!”  Dr Zaid Tayob – Tas Dental

“I found the conference life changing. It was priced right and the speakers were of high value. All of them were great, it was something I have been waiting for for some time! I travelled to Cape Town to attend it!”
 Dr Danie Fourie – Walmer Dental Centre

“The Total Health Conference was so informative and the speakers definitely of value. You exceeded my expectations in 2019 – looking forward to what you offer in 2020!”  Warren Freeman – MyCo Dental Laboratory 

“The Total Health Conference 2019 was very enlightening!”   Dr Kavendaren Pather – Colosseum Dental Studio, Dentist

“I really enjoyed the 2019 conference. I am a Physiotherapist and enjoyed the presentations from Patrick McKeown, Dr Krista Burns, Dr Neal Lange.  For 2020 I would like to see more content about nutrition, osteopathy and psycho-neuro-immunology.”

Brigitte Weltz – Physiotherapist, Chron. Pain Management

“The 2019 Total Health Conference was very informative, with a wonderful mix of speakers.  It made us look at familiar concepts differently.  Please include topics that bridge medical and dental practice, allergy and the effects on maxfac development in children, and more case study examples (including practicals) of the techniques for 2020.”   Dr Soraya Yasin-Harnekar  – UWC Faculty of Dentistry, Senior lecturer 

“I am full time into Orthodontics, in fact Interceptive Orthodontics or rather Dentofacial Orthopaedics and found most the topics where fascinating and very informative.  Presentations by Dr Gill Rapley, Patrick McKeown, Roger Price and Dr Dittmar Eichhoff were to be praised. For 2020 I would like there to be a focus on facial growth and breathing, adding nutrition in the mix.”   Dr Burgerd Adriaan Botha – Orthologic Studio (Pty) Ltd

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